Corinna Miller


Hi! My name is Corinna Miller and I am an aspiring photographer from Somerset, Tasmania. 
I am a Mum to 5, and Step-Mum to 3.
In my spare time I enjoy camping, 4 wheel driving, and generally spending time with family. (And taking lots of photo's!!)
My Husband Graham is my biggest advocate. His encouragement and support have been extremely valuable in coming even this far.
I am currently working on broadening my skills even further, and gaining more experience.
Please contact me :)
Corinna out enjoying a nice walk looking for that awesome photo.
Corinna Miller

Corinna is a aspriring photographer and for as long as i can remeber she has always had the camera out taking pictures of any thing and every thing. 

Corinna was born in 1989 in Launceston and lived there with her parents and her younger brother right up until she was 18. Her upbringing was a more of a old school one, With her father having his own buisness as a skin tanner and her mother was a stay at home mum who also helped out around the family buisness. While her Grandparent where still farming on the Eastfield estate (That had been in the family for 00 year until sold in 2018). 
Corinna always had a strong passion for the outdoors, and while she was always socialy awkward at school and out side of the school ground she found friends in animals, as well as enjoy the peace and quiet of a nice walk.
In her school years she mainly focus on Agricultre studies, Undertaking Cattle handling and various activites, all whilst enjoying a good laugh and prank with her close and small group of friends.
While her dream job at this stage was to be a vet, So from here she tried some work experince as a Vets aid. But turns out she was not really up for that and didnt persue the career.
From here she graduate school and started a family. This was a new adventure for her but she was to become a great mother. In 0000 Jack was born, Her first child, A baby boy. 
Her life was never to be the same agian and from here her passion for photography grew even more. Being able to capture the memoreis as they happen to show her family and friends was just magical. As this stage Corinna and her partner had moved to Flinders Island as this is where his work had taken him.
Flinders is a small island off the norther coast of Tasmania, Not very big and not much to do. This ment planty of hours playing with Jack and capturing every moement to share with every one.
In 0000 Lily was born. a beautiful little girl. 
There was a shift in Corinnas life and the partnership with Jack and Lilys father ended and they seperated, bringing Corinna back to tasmania to stay with her mother.

A little time passed and a new relationship was formed with her old Hish School sweat heart and a new adventure begun.
With this new adventure brings additons to the family, Catlin, Maddie and connor.